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Mold Inspections Orillia Simcoe

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Mold Inspection Contractor Tips

  • Mould Basics

    Mould Basics 0

    What is mould? Moulds are very simple microorganism found virtually everywhere indoors and out, molds are among the most widespread living organisms in the world. Mold is a type of fungi and is found growing in moist areas. Signs of a mould problem Signs of mold problems are discoloration of indoor surfaces, dark spots, or

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  • DIY Mold Removal

    DIY Mold Removal 0

    DIY Mould Removal According to CMHC Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation you can clean small areas of mould yourself using unscented detergent and water. The industry considers a small area to be 10sf or less. If you have more than 10sf of visible mould a professional with experience performing microbial investigations should be consulted prior

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  • mold removal professionals

    Mold removal professionals 0

    When it comes to the health of our home, no corners should be cut, ever.  What directly affects our home, affects us, especially when the problem is so small we can’t even see it. Mold can and will run rampid in our homes before it becomes visible to the naked eye.  But before it gets

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  • Types of Mold that can be found in the Home

    Types of Mold that can be found in the Home 0

    Having mold growing in your home can be dangerous and life threatening.  There are thousands of types of mold that are out there, but the good news is that not all molds are toxic.  However, the bad news is that mold can go undetected to the average person.   In order to get proper diagnosis, you

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  • mold-removal

    DIY Mold Removal 0

    First, make sure you’re wearing clothes that can be discarded immediately after you’ve finished; spores from the mold can stick to your clothing and can cause health problems and/or spread to other areas. To stop any mold from entering your system, wear a protective mask/respirator and glasses and take periodic breaks. Whatever room you’re removing

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  • Preventing Mildew

    Preventing Mildew 0

    Mildew is a thin substance, usually black in colour but sometimes white, that is produced from mold. It will flourish wherever the conditions are warm, damp and/or dark, such as in the basement or cellar. Mildew is most likely to develop in a newly built home because of the moisture in the building materials that

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