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Railings and Stairs Contractor Tips

  • treads-risers

    How do I Repair Squeaky Treads and Risers 0

    Due to shrinkage and expansion of wood, staircases can acquire minor problems that need some attention.  The most common problem you will find with staircases is squeaking tread (top part of the step).  What causes the squeak is by the tread rubbing against the riser or the stringer. The first thing you must do is

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  • Staircases

    I need a new staircase 0

    In order to decide on what you want your new stair case to look like you must know the basics on the anatomy of the staircase itself. A staircase has 6 basic parts- stringers, newel posts, balusters, handrail, treads and risers. The stringer is the support and framework of the staircase and is located on

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  • Household Repairs

    Household Repairs – Roof, Stairs, Bathroom 0

    Raised Shingles Shingles are usually raised due to a strong wind which can crack shingles if they’re older. To fix this, you’ll have to wait for a warm day so that the shingles won’t be too stiff to work with. Once you’re ready, carefully lift the part of the shingle that is raised and place

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  • Squeaky-Stairs

    Tricks to Quiet Squeaky Stairs 0

    Stairs squeak where two boards come together.  Silencing them involves eliminating movement between them.  If you cannot get at the bottom of the stairs, put a length of cove molding in the corner and nail into both the riser and the tread.  Glue helps.  If you can get at the below-stairs area (a) drive the

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