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Roofing Orillia Simcoe

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Roofing Contractor Tips

  • Hiring A Pro Roofing Contractor

    Hiring A Pro Roofing Contractor 0

    If at any point in time you’ve taken a look at a task at hand and thought to yourself “what am I doing”, you’re not alone and it’s no different when it comes to your roof.   It should be obvious that not all tasks can be considered a DIY and when it comes to your

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  • hiring a roofer

    What to look for when hiring a roofer 0

    Roofing is one of those home maintenance projects that should not be attempted as a DIY job.  If you consider the potential damage that could result from a roofing job gone wrong – this should be self-evident. Repairing or replacing a roof should be done by a professional roofer that can guarantee a professional job

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  • commercial roofing contractor

    How to select a commercial roofing contractor 0

    Any factory or industrial building has a roof that needs to be maintained to avoid costly or dangerous problems. However it is essential for any commercial roofing project to find a contractor that is aware of the special needs a commercial roofing job is posing. Most businesses need to stay operational during business hours which

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  • Important Metal Roofing Facts To consider

    Important Metal Roofing Facts To consider 0

    If you’re not experienced with metal roofing you should probably not expect that you can get your project accomplished in a short time-frame. Depending on the instructions of the respective metal roofing material manufacturer – the instructions of how to handle the material might very more than expected. Which Metal roofing material choices are suggested

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  • Industrial Roofing Contractor

    Factors To Help You Hire The Best Industrial Roofing Contractor 0

    Putting up a roof over your home is an act that is seldom achieved by using your own resources – at least in a majority of cases it calls for getting professional help to finish the job in a proper manner. Whether your home is small or you are worried about placing the roof on

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  • slate-roofing

    Benefits of a Slate Roof 0

    Slate roofing is one of the most expensive roofs that you can purchase but it can be completely worth it in the long run. Slate roofing is built to last long as it is made of high-quality materials and looks absolutely beautiful. Slate roofing may not be meant for everyone as it is hard to

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  • cracked-slate-shingles

    Cracked Slate Shingles 0

    Slate shingles are very durable, long lasting, fireproof, and of the highest quality. If you happen to have a cracked slate shingle that still looks like it is in good condition, you can most likely repair it with roofing cement using a putty knife. With slate shingles they tend to crack very easily so you

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  • asphalt-shingles

    Asphalt Shingles 0

    Keeping your shingles in condition is the first step in avoiding leaks in your roof.  If you have split, torn or mislaid asphalt shingles you can bet that you may incur water damage.  If you take care of your shingles and replace them when need be, you may stop potentially big leaks.  If you happen

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  • roof-leaks

    How do I Find Leaks in my Roof 0

    If you happen to see a wet spot on your ceiling you can pretty much bet that you have a leak in your roof that needs to be repaired. The first thing you need to do upon finding this wet spot is to locate the hole where the leakage is coming from. This may sound

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  • roof-repair

    Roof Repair in Ontario 0

    Roof repair in Ontario is a sure thing. In most parts of Ontario, Mother Nature throws just about everything she possibly can at our homes, including high speed winds, thunderstorms, blizzards, tornadoes, hail, driving rain and periods of extreme heat and cold. With roofing, this kind of weather means one thing, roof damage. Ontario Roof

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  • roofing-shingles

    Asphalt Roofs 0

    Asphalt Roofs: Will They Stay The Dominant Asphalt shingles are the basic material for homeowners on a budget as high-performance roofing can cost up to 3 times more than asphalt, it should come as no surprise that asphalt accounts for about 67 percent of the total North American roofing market supply, However, up to 80

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  • roof-installation

    Roof Installation Ontario 0

    Ontario experiences four distinct seasons. From sweltering summer heat to snow and the odd tornado here and there add to the stresses of residential roofing. Of course, the biggest problem for roofing systems is time. Homeowners often neglect their roof maintenance, waiting until the situation is critical. The high cost of repairs associated with a

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  • How Long Should My Roof Last

    How Long Should My Roof Last? 0

    You want your roof to last as long as you do or longer. A new roof could be one of the most expensive investments for your home. There are many different types of roofing material that you can have installed on your home and they will differ in cost and how long they last. Asphalt

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  • roofing-materials

    Make the right choice for Roofing Materials 0

    Good roofing companies won’t use your standard asphalt shingle product when doing a roofing project, so you may want to ask the contractor for the basic upgrade to an architectural shingle. Architectural shingles are thicker and the layers are staggered; overall, they look more substantial. These shingles are going to add a bit of style

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  • Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor

    Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor 0

    The best place to start is by asking around to the people that you know, friends, or coworkers who have recently had a new roof installed on their home questions of the roofing contractors. Ask if the job was completed on schedule? Was the contractor clean and tidy or was there a mess left? Were

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  • Why We Need To Vent Our Roofs Properly

    Why We Need To Vent Our Roofs Properly 0

      Why? Most homes come with ventilation from the builder. Proper ventilation helps cool the underside of the shingles and keeps them from baking in the summer heat. You may have box vents, an attic fan, ridge vent or vent strips but all these allow regulated air flow in your attic preventing moisture build-up. Where?

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  • What to do with a leaky roof

    What to do with a leaky roof 0

    When we hear the sound of dripping inside our own home there are a few feelings that we feel but we should not feel panic. The sound of rain is not a welcome sound coming through your roof however, if you follow these three steps immediately after the leak is found you will have some

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  • My Shingles Are Curling

    My Shingles Are Curling 0

    There are a few different causes to curling shingles on your roof. This curling can occur when the nails used to secure the shingles in place have risen from expansion and contraction from the different climates. There are nailing patterns that should be followed from the manufacturer that could help prevent this or maybe even

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  • roofing-fixing-replacing

    Fix it or Replace it? Inspecting your Roof. 0

    When it comes to getting your roof repaired, you have two main options: fix the individual problem or you can completely replace your roof. It is important that before you contact a local roofing expert that you inspect your roof carefully for any damages. By inspecting both inside and outside of your roof you will

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  • Roofing Shingles - Repair & Replacement

    Roofing Shingles – Repair & Replacement 0

    If It isn’t broken Don’t Fix It! Not true when it comes to your roof! A roof that is leaking is the most obvious sign that it’s time to replace your roof, but it’s not the only sign. There are many signs that will eventually lead to a leaking roof, but identifying the signs is

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  • roof-removal

    Roof Removal 0

    Tools Rubber Shoes Hat & Gloves Ladder, Safety Harness or Scaffolding Replacement Shingles Roofer’s Shovel Preparation: To start and finish removing your roof, set aside an entire weekend when you have no plans. Also have a dumpster or dump truck ready before you start so that you have somewhere to put all of the old

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